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Binding Type: DVD
Retail Price: $29.95
ISBN: 0-TNE-00030-0



Price: $29.95


Let Fisheries Biologist and Professional Fly Fisherman Brian Chan show you his time tested methods that catch fish. First Brian shows you step by step, how to tie 11 favorite stillwater flies that trout love. Brian then shows you the techniques he uses to catch fish with those same flies and how to determine which flies to use. It's fascinating even for the experienced fly-fisherman. DVD, 75 min.

More Information:
Here's what's on the DVD:
We show you step by step how to tie these 11 patterns on beautifully shot video. No guess work, we show you all the steps...
Ice Cream Cone Chironomid Pupa ( Kelly Davison Pattern)
Maroon and Silver Chironomid Pupa
Chromie ( Phil Rowley Pattern)
Lady McConnell ( Adult Chironomid)
Green Shrimp
Damselfly Nymph
Stillwater Caddis Pupa
Ruby Eyed Leech
Peacock Plastic Chenile Leech
Simple Water Boatman

Also included:
Here's something new. Whether you are a right handed tier of a left handed tier, you will easily be able to follow the methods from Brians point of view just as if you were tying the fly. We have programmed the DVD so that you can choose which way you want to watch the fly being tied.

We then go out onto the lake where Brian shows you his famous stillwater fly fishing techniques. He shows us the proper methods for retieving the line, where to fish and how to pick the right fly for the job. As Brian is fishing we have popups on the screen that inform you about what line and leader and type of retrieve he is using.

This is not a boring fishing show! Each fishing segment is about 2 minutes long. We show you the techniques required, catch the fish and move on. We show you the correct method of stomach pumping a fish and examine the contents to help us pick the right fly.

When you finish this show you will be amazed at how much information Brian has given you. In fact you will be able to watch this DVD over many times and still learn something new. Not only that, Brian catches the insects his flies immitate and then shows you where to look for the signs or clues that indicate which fly would be a good bet to fish with.

If you've ever wished that you could have a professional fisherman coach you on how to fish, this is a DVD you must have. It's like Brian is standing right there with you showing and explaining to you, the skills that he has successfully used for many years.

This DVD will teach you how to become a better fly-fisherman.
You will watch the DVD over and over again and still pick up extra knowledge for your next fishing trip

"This is probably the best video I've done that really gives the viewers the concentrated information they can rely on to stack the odds in their favor when fly fishing on a lake."

"Not just another video. This DVD is shows you simply how to use the best methods for catching fish on the fly in stillwaters. The skills you will be shown could take you years to learn on your own."

"I've been a Fly Fisherman for over 40 years...a fisheries Biologist in charge of still water sports fisheries for 28, and it seems that everytime I go out on the water, I still learn something new."
--Brian Chan

Brian Chan
is a fisheries biologist and has been in charge of the BC freshwater sports fishery for 28 years. He’s been fly fishing for over 40 years, is a published author with many books to his credit and if you’ve ever been to one of his seminars or seen him on television you’ve only had a glimpse into the depth of his knowledge. He is highly regarded for his vast knowledge of stillwater fly fishing all over the US and Canada. Those who have been lucky enough to fish with him walk away with a goldmine of information.


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