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James Marsh Productions, October 2003
Binding Type: DVD
Retail Price: $29.95
ISBN: 0-JMP-00035-0





Price: $29.95


Tailwater rivers provide some of the largest and most productive trout fisheries. Often described as large spring creeks, tailwaters are unique fisheries. Flush with midges, scuds, mayflies, caddis, and cress bugs these rivers grow large, finicky trout. This video discusses aquatic foods, water flows, and seasonal considerations to help fly fishermen find more success and suffer less frustration. VHS.

More Information:
Tailwaters demand strategies and techniques that are different from that of freestone streams and spring creeks.

This program deals with the special considerations that must be given to tailwaters in order for one to be consistently successful fishing waters where both man and nature can affect the conditions. It covers a wide variety of streams across the U. S. from East to West, including scenes from over thirty blue ribbon tailwaters.

In addition to Mother Nature, man and computers control the habitat of trout
in tailwaters. Discharges from dams can change a calm tailwater stream into a fast flowing river in a matter of minutes yet some tailwaters fluctuate only moderately. Trout adjust their location and feeding habits to these changes in the rates of flow and if anglers are to be successful, they must learn to adjust their fishing methods and techniques accordingly.

Following the strategies, fishing methods and fly selection procedures presented in this program can greatly increase your odds of success and provide the same type of excitement, success and gratification for you.

Feature Program Menu:
*Introduction: White River, AK & the South Fork of the Snake River, ID *Types of Dams
*How Lakes Effects the PH of Water *How Lakes Effects Water Clarity
*Determining Stream Flow Rates *How Current Effects Trout
*Determining the Right Fly and Presentation: *Fishing Colorado's Frying Pan River
*Fishing Colorado's Blue River *Crawfish Imitations *Baitfish (Streamers)
*Types of Tailwaters across the U.S *Madison River, Montana (below HebgenDam)
*Floating the Madison River Tailwater
Some Other Tailwaters:
Big Horn River, MT Hiwassee River, TN Housatonic River, CT Kennebago River, ME
Rapid River, ME Deerfield River, MA Delaware River, NY Neversink River, NY
No. Br. Potomac River, MD Savage River, MD Smith River, VA Clinch River, TN
Yampa River, CO South Platte River, CO Gunpowder Falls River, MD
Jackson River, VA South Fork of Holston River, TN Watauga River, TN
Henry's Fork of the Snake River, ID (below Ashton Reservoir) North Platte River,CO
More Tailwater Action:
*Fishing the Uncompahgre River, CO *Fishing the West Fork Bitterroot River, MT
*Tailwater Fishing Summary:
Water Discharges and Rates of Flow Digital Hatch Guides Fly Selection and Presentation
Strategies and Techniques Critique Questionnaire


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